Does Helium 10 Support all Amazon Marketplaces?

Helium 10 tools can be used anywhere you are.

Currently the Helium 10 Software suite is comprised of ten tools.

Magnet is a keyword research tool. It supports almost all marketplaces.

Trendster is a Trends Checker tool which also pulls data from

Misspellinator helps you find juicy misspellings. This tool is marketplace independent. (English-Only)

Frankenstein is a keyword processor tool and is also marketplace independent.

Scribbles is a listing optimization tool. It can optimize listings for any marketplace and can import listings from .com and .uk

5K Checker allows you to check which keywords you're indexed for. This tool has the widest support and can be used in almost any Amazon marketplace.

Brand Gate Checker allows you to determine if your listing is gated and protected from hijackers. It currently only supports

Hijacker Alert allows you to track your listing to ensure you're always on the buy-box (Supports Only)

Keyword Tracker checks the ranking of your ASIN on specific keyword searches. It supports almost all marketplaces.

Refund Genie shows you an estimate of the amount Amazon may owe you from lost and damage inventory. (Supports and marketplaces)

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