Experiencing Technical Issues with Helium 10 tools

In the event that you are experiencing technical issues, like, the tools do not work or you are getting error messages, please try and perform the following simple trouble shooting steps first to try and resolve the issue on your end.

  • Check if the you are using the tool in its supported marketplace. To learn what marketplaces each Helium 10 tool works in, please click here.
  • Please allow third-party cookies. To do so, please follow the first five steps as described here
  • Any error or issue that you are experiencing may be browser related. Since the Helium 10 tools are browser-based tools, it is recommended, that if possible, to clear ALL of your browser's cache, cookies, and history data. The steps on how to clear your browser's cache, cookies and history data can be found here

If the above troubleshooting steps have all been performed and you are still getting the same error message or if the tool(s) you are trying to use still does not work, please reach out to the Helium 10 support team right away. 

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