I Want to Test the Helium 10 Tools

If you want to experience most of the Helium 10 tools before you make a decision on getting a full plan or not.


Helium 10 offers a 30-day trial period. The trial period counters starts on the very moment your Helium 10 account is created. To Create a Helium 10 account, please click the following link:

During the 30-day trial period, most of the Helium 10 tools will be available to use.

  • Black Box - Only 20 Uses for the entire duration of the trial period.
  • Trendster - Unlimited
  • Magnet2 - 2 Uses per day
  • Cerebro - 2 Uses per day
  • Frankenstein - Unlimited
  • Index Checker - 6 Uses for the entire duration of the trial period.
  • Keyword Tracker - You can track up to 20 keywords only. 
  • Alerts - You can monitor up to 2 ASINs only.
  • Inventory Protector - Unlimited
  • Refund Genie - You can see how much Amazon may owe you from lost and damaged items, however, you will not have the ability to download the report.
  • Xray - 50 Executions/Launches. If you open Xray more than once on the same page within a few hours, it will be tracked as one launch only.
  • Review Downloader inside the Helium 10 Chrome extension - Up to 100 reviews only can be downloaded.

Please note, For Black Box, Magnet and Cerebro, you can only get first page results. Results cannot be sorted as well. 

If you want to experience the entire Helium 10 suite with all functions enabled and accessible, We suggest that you subscribe to our Helium 10 Platinum or Diamond Plan.  Helium 10, offers a 30-day money back guarantee. if you feel the tools are not working for you, let us know before your first 30 days of subscription ends, and we will refund your payment, no questions asked. 

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