How Can I Start Using "Follow-Up" To Send Emails?

We highly recommend you follow the steps in the video above in order to properly enable Follow-Up and begin sending emails. If you would like a written guide with screenshots, please continue reading below.

There are 2 simple steps you must follow in order to begin sending emails with Follow-Up:

First - link your Amazon account to your Helium 10 account using your MWS Token.

Second - and most important, Follow-Up requires an email address registered with Amazon that is authorized to represent the seller in communication with buyers. You can achieve this in 2 ways:

  1. Authorize your unique email address with Amazon (Preferred).
    1. Copy your email address from the Follow-Up settings page


Add your address to the list of approved addresses at


Then, configure Amazon to forward Opt-out and Delivery notifications to your address (Optional, but Recommended)

Screenshot_3.jpg     2) Update your Follow-Up settings by adding your existing email address as the approved.  Sender (This option requires slightly less effort, but will limit the analytics that Follow-U can generate. It also makes it harder for the user to revoke access later on if the decide to do so.)

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